Our story starts with Ezechiello Levoni, our founder and former butcher apprentice. Ezechiello was a man with a special kind of passion for his job. He was firmly convinced that there really only is one kind of taste quality, the highest and realest, felt in an instant. It was with this belief that he decided to realize his lifelong dream, and open his own curing plant. The first Levoni plant finally opened in the outskirts of Milan, Italy, where Ezechiello begun putting into practice the art he had learned working with master Milanese butchers over previous years.


When the "Modern Arts & Industry" International Exhibition in London finally took place, Ezechiello Levoni was proud to attend and represent his brand new company. He impressed the British jury with the delicate flavor of Levoni's Salame Ungherese, winning a gold medal for outstanding quality. Against all odds, this newcomer astonished the competition, which had famously declared that Levoni would only win "when pigs fly." Ever since that day, the Levoni piggy never stopped flying, always reaching higher and higher in the sky.



Ezechiello Levoni moved the flagship production to Castellucchio, a small province of Mantua, Italy. This allowed the factory to experience growth like never before, and expand the wide array of Salumeria already available in the portfolio.


The Levoni family opened the Mec Carni slaughterhouse in Marcaria, only a few miles away from the flagship production plant. This enabled the company to finally have complete control over the best quality possible.



Levoni continued to grow with the opening of the curing plant in Lesignano de' Bagni, where today over 120,000 prosciutto di Parma DOP are crafted every year.


Levoni took over the Canossa curing plant in San Daniele, Italy, which today guarantees an annual production of over 100,000 San Daniele DOP ham crafted.



More than a hundred years after first opening in Italy, Levoni opens its first subsidiary in the USA, finally bringing the best of the Italian Salumeria to millions in North America.


The “TUTTO MADE IN ITALY” (All Made In Italy) brand is launched, which certifies that over 300 Salumeria items bearing the LEVONI brand name are sourced from pork born and bred in Italy. Our innovative dedication to legislation goes far beyond what is required for a product to be "made in Italy." We take pride in this important, transparent commitment to our consumers, thanks to which you can rest assured that we're only bringing to the table certified Italian meat in all of our offerings.


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