Coppa Stagionata – Dry Cured Pork Collar

Bagged, placed in a net and seasoned, Levoni’s Dry-Cured Pork Collar is aged for a minimum of 12 weeks. Of medium size, when sliced it exposes its compact look featuring red muscular parts outlined by light fatty parts, of a nice white-rosy color. The scent is a classic, complex blend of aged meat, with a sweet, lightly spiced flavor.

  • Aged a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Sweet notes, lightly spiced taste

No Compromises

Levoni has never compromised
origins. We maintain we are as
Italy made us: proudly delicious.

Controlled Supply

A supply chain made of prime
materials. Pork cherished and
celebrated for ages creates
our legacy.

100% Italian

All of our farming, breeding,
producing, curing, and seasoning
happens in one place before the US.


Levoni brings to the table all of Italy's regional goodness. Through
their unique flavors and scents, these recipes tell a story of universally
recognized, 100% Italian, proudly delicious history.

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Our story starts when Ezechiello Levoni, a man with a special kind of
passion for his job, opened the first Levoni factory in 1911, putting
in practice the art of master Milanese butchers we treasure today.

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